Mar 2008

We 'launched' our first publication as part of the village footpath project on Saturday 15th March 2008 at the Home Made Cakes and Coffee morning at the Tea Rooms. In spite of awful weather we were heavily laden with heavenly cakes and about 40 people turned up.

The cost of producing 'The Godney Village Map' has come from the village coffee morning, local businesses and donations. We raised £160.50 from the coffee morning and half of this is being donated to GADS to go towards their summer production. The balance of £80.50 is going towards the Footpath project plus another £80 from 4 local businesses. 

In the first three days every single free copy of the map went out - 150 maps. It has become clear that we need to find and cost outside printing as the first run took John a whole day to produce only 60 copies - (he was working as well). It's the usual story... printer jamming, inks splots, all that good stuff. So it's still early days for us.


The first people to collect a free map from the Tea Room the day we opened were holiday makers from Carmarthen. They said they were so impressed with the idea of the community project that they were going to take it home and put it to Carmarthen Town Council to start their own project there!!


We are planning to publish the first parish circular walk on the late May Bank Holiday. Details nearer the time...


In the meantime, we would like to thank everyone for contributing - for surveying the 23 footpaths, bridleways and rights of way in the parish, for making and buying cakes and generally for supporting this ongoing village project.





Click here to download the Godney Village Footpaths map

This sometimes takes a while but you will be able to print your own copy. The reason that the front page appears upside down is because it is designed to be printed double sised and folded with the map on the inside of the card or paper.

If your computer doesn't have Adobe Reader already installed, you can download it by following the Adobe link below.



Feb 2008

A small group of people in the village have been working on a parish footpaths project and one of the outcomes is to produce our own parish footpaths map. We may be able to get a small grant for this but as we are publishing the maps ourselves we need to do some fundraising to cover the basic cost of inks and paper. It's the usual thing... Last year we had a pre-opening coffee morning at the Tea Rooms and raised over £300 for Gads - thanks to all the cakes people so generously made and contributed. Apart from that, it's always nice to have a reason for a village get together so we thought we would do a coffee morning again. If we managed to raise anything like the amount we got last year it would be fab but we do not need anything like that for the inks and paper so we thought we could combine it as a fundraiser for GADS too.

Lovely cakes and tarts and some people to woman/man the cake tables would be ever so very much appreciated. Please call me or email if you would like to help... 832547 or 07968 836784

We will be distributing invites (copy above) with the Triangle Parish Magazine deliveries in the village.

Annie & John Deeley